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Independent Living & Internet

Senior living facilities aren’t what they used to be, and that’s a lot to do with the fact that the baby boomers are more active - 65 is the new 55! We can’t forget that they’re online, too.

People of all ages are using the Internet, grandparents are logging on more than ever. Internet, even for the seniors, is no longer a luxury but a commodity. It only makes sense then that your facilities should include reliable access to all utilities, especially the Internet. After all, 83% of renters put Internet at the top of their amenity wish list, even higher than gyms or pools. If you own or operate a senior living facility, assisted living, or independent living facility then you can’t ignore “Move-In Ready Wi-Fi” anymore. Quite simply, bulk Internet, Fiber to the Unit (FTTU) and WiFi services are the future for everyone; including seniors.

What makes it so beneficial to the 55+ communities? It is easy to use and it’s senior friendly. There is no modem to deal with, no configuration to go through; it’s as easy as moving in, clicking and surfing! It’s proactively monitored 24 hours a day, too, so there is virtually no need to deal with customer support. It’s Internet that just works, which is perfect for everyone, but especially suited to senior living as no one needs a technology hassle.

Many property management companies are offering Internet services as ancillary amenities, though some are working it in to the rental price. Senior Internet is an absolute must in 2016, so it makes sense that you would build the cost into the accommodation fees with the other standard utilities. Providing Internet across the facility is an excellent way to attract new residents and retain the ones you already have.

Those who opt to move into the 55+ community aren’t done living; they’re simply looking to increase their independence by decreasing their level of responsibility. Part of living is keeping in touch with loved ones and the Internet is how the majority of us choose to do that these days. As of 2010 1 in 3 seniors were active on LinkedIn or Facebook. This also shows that once online 70% of seniors over 65 were using the Internet every single day. The tally for the average adult is 82% so seniors are actively closing the gap in online use. In that 2010 report it showed 50% of seniors (over 65) wanted Internet facilities in their assisted living homes.

People want to retire in comfort, where their needs are designed around life style and not the other way around. Offering “Move-In Ready” Internet services is another excellent way to market your facility to the active baby boomer generation of seniors who are in the market for a move today.

Fiber Stream offers high speed, future proof Internet at excellent prices. With consistent delivery, 24/7 customer support, Property-Wide WiFi and FTTU Internet has never been easier.

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