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How To Log-in and Create Account 


First >    Click on                  OR             


Step 1 > Locate and Click on the WiFi (SSID): Fiber Stream Signup.


Step 2 >  You will be redirected to a log-in screen (in rare cases, this needs to be forced; type Click “Activate Code” > Enter your code (Visit the leasing office for your activation code).


Step 3 > Complete the sign-up page> Create your account and WiFi passwords. 


Step 4 > Log out of "Fiber Stream Signup" and click on one of the encrypted and secure SSIDs.

Fiber Stream WiFi 5Ghz (Best for most devices)

Fiber Stream WiFi (Best for dual-band)

Fiber Stream WiFi 2.4Ghz (Good for most IoT and camera devices) 

> Enter the WiFi password you created in Step 3.


Step 5 > Repeat Step 4 to connect ALL your other WiFi capable devices.


wifi bars 2.png
wifi bars 1.png

Random Tips

(that work!)


Tip 1 >  Unplug or power off your device for 30 seconds and power it back on! Then reconnect to Fiber Stream WiFi. 

Tip 2 >  Your account page is always located at: e.g.


Tip 3  Best practices: use the "Fiber Stream WiFi 5Ghz" SSID option for most laptops, phones, TVs, and gaming stations. Use the "Fiber Stream WiFi 2.4Ghz" SSID option for devices with only 2.4Ghz capabilities. 


We'd love to hear from you

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Text: 214-799-0608

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