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How To Log-In 


Step 1 >    Click on             OR             


Step 2 > Locate and Click on the WiFi SSID named Fiber Stream WiFi














Step 3 >  You will be redirected to a log-in screen (in rare cases this needs to be forced, type Log-In under "existing users" with your username & password (for credentials please see leasing office).


Step 4 > Repeat this log-In process for your other devices.


Step 5 > For ALL NON-BROWSER DEVICES: e.g. PlayStation, Roku, Smart TV, Fire Stick, Fit Bit, Etc. Add the device manually. Go to  e.g.

wifi bars 2.png
wifi bars 1.png

Random Tips

(that work!)


Tip 1 >  Unplug or power off your device for 30 seconds and power it back on! Then reconnect to Fiber Stream WiFi. 


Tip 2 > Check your account page under devices, have you exceeded your device limit? To increase your limit Email: 


Tip 3 >  Manually add the MAC address for ALL Smart TVs, Roku’s, and gaming stations! Just click on the device tab on your account page and add the MAC. 


Tip 4 >  Your account page is always located at: e.g.



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