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Revenue Generating Internet:

An Internet amenity hosted by the owner of an apartment, property, facility or business (see HIP) that generates an ancillary income for the owner.

Property Wide WiFi (PWW), Campus Style WiFi, and Community WiFi:

WiFi that is accessible throughout one or more buildings, facilities, properties or locations. System attributes include:  little to no downtime (SLA = 99.9% up-time), consistency and true speeds (high bandwidth availability & low latency), little to no packet loss, minimum end user threshold (currently that is to stream HD video), offers seamless wireless roaming connectivity(Wi-Fi), is easy to use, fully managed and has enterprise-level security. 


Internet Buying Group (IBG):


A group of Internet end-users whom all pay one Hosted Internet Provider (HIP) for bulk internet service in exchange for cost savings, efficiency and quality of their internet connection. The group shares the exact physical location and connects to the same physical network.


Hosted Internet Provider (HIP):


Anyone who owns the last mile of the internet delivery system and provides internet services to a group of end users, paid or as a free amenity. Usually a Personal Network Operator or FSIP is hired to manage the entire service portion of the business to ensure quality and federal compliance. 

Managed Service Provider (MSP), Managed WiFi:

An MSP is a type of IT support that remotely handles a variety of IT needs and services. Areas specific to Internet service include; bandwidth management, policy management, compliance, maintenance, end-user support, monitoring, and tech support. The MSP is usually not thought of as the company that provides bandwidth, engineering, design, and installation.

Full-Service Internet Provider (FSIP) or Personal Network Operator:


An Internet service provider who offers more than just a basic internet connection. The FSIP will provide a plethora of services such as, consulting, design, equipment choices, installation, bandwidth management, policy management, compliance, maintenance, management, end-user support, monitoring, tech support, and marketing. Many times the FSP is hired to take care of a client’s network. An FSIP is a complete version of a MSP.

Fiber to the Unit (FTTU):


Fiber optics to each Multi-Dwelling Unit. A media converter is required to convert the fiber into Ethernet in most cases. This is considered the superior method of last-mile internet delivery available. Fiber has become the preferred method of Internet delivery because of its ability to transfer huge amounts of bandwidth cost-effectively.

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