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Introducing Fiber Stream's Flagship Proprietary WiFi Internet Solution; An all-in-one Property-Wide WiFi system that includes: design, installation, hardware, software, maintenance, support, Profitsand Happy Residents.

Why Our Service?

In today's competitive market, property owners and managers must provide top-notch amenities to attract and retain residents. Wireless Internet service is now the most in-demand amenity, but you're probably not a tech expert.


That's where we come in!


Fiber Stream partners with you to deliver a seamless Internet experience for your residents, without the hassle. We customize your Internet services, offering speeds from 10 Mbps to 1 Gigabit, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, secure networks, and 24/7 US-based technical support. Together, we'll unlock this untapped revenue stream, generating an extra $20-$30 of income per door per month. Contact us today to learn more.

Discover how Fiber Stream's services outshine those of the big-box Internet Service Providers.

How It Works

Fiber Stream isn’t like traditional Internet Service Providers – we’re a new kind of ISP;

Fiber Stream redefines the traditional experience as a Managed Internet Service Provider. We create a wholesale Wireless Internet network for your entire property, enabling you to profit from your "Internet Real Estate" by generating an extra $20-$30 per door per month or including WiFi in rental fees as a premium value-added amenity.


Our skilled engineers design, install, and manage a smart, centralized wireless system for all residents, staff, and guests in your MDU. We set up the hardware and configure the network, or we can upgrade and expertly manage your existing system.


Additionally, we offer a proprietary resident self-service portal for device management and account needs. With Fiber Stream, residents can skip complex routers, setup costs, hidden fees, or delays – just move in, log on, and go!

What's Included

  • Complete Install: Design, engineering, networking and configuration

  • Bandwidth: From 10Mbps to 10Gbps per unit/account/door

  • Customer Activation: Seamless transition & onboarding services

  • Maintenance & Repairs: Professional IT and networking keep the system running smoothly

  • Security, Protection & Monitoring: Rest easy knowing your networks and data are enterprise safe

  • Customer Support: 24/7 U.S.-based customer support

  • Technical Support: Industry leading proactive monitoring and response

  • WiFi Calling Infrastrucutre: Seamless, carrier-quality cell phone service via Voice over IP (VOIP) throughout all units.  Learn More


Property-Wide roaming, printing and streaming



99.9% network uptime



Enterprise level wireless equipment — 802.11AX dual band

Immediate Access:

Move in, log in and go — no waiting for installation

Technical and Customer Support:

Preemptive monitoring & response. 24/7 U.S.-based customer support

Blazing Speeds: 

Up to 1 Gig — Fiber Stream delivered

Iron Clad Security:

Enterprise security protocols with private access for each account

Net Superiority:

Constant HD video streaming, WiFi calling & video chat


Connect all devices, (e.g smart T.V, wireless printer or gaming console)

Simple Connectivity:

Complete network management with easy device connection

A Premiere User Experience

Already Have A Marketing Agreement?


No Problem! If you already Have an ISP Marketing agreement in place, you can still work with Fiber Stream. Most agreements don't prohibit our services, and recent FCC regulations eliminate "exclusivity."

Already Pay For Internet At The Pool Or Business Center?


Great, let us turn that into "Property-Wide WiFi". 

You can enhance resident satisfaction and increase your per door income!

Already Profit From Internet Commission?


Get ready to exchange your old 8% commission for $300 per door annual profit, while increasing your property's value and future proofing the infrastructure?

Already Tried WiFi
& It Failed?


Sorry to hear that. You came to the right place though. Our engineers are experts at repairing existing networks and or fixing systems that aren’t functioning properly. We retrofit problem systems for lunch and promise amazing service this time around!

System Advantages

The way Fiber Stream configures and manages Internet networks offers our clients and their residents a great deal of flexibility, reliability and quality.


Let's Get Technical:

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Dual Band Access Points:


Fiber Stream provides centrally managed dual band 802.11AX wireless access points throughout the property, which is the latest generation of wireless equipment. It will provide the maximum longevity to your network.



  • Guaranteed wireless coverage throughout the entire property, including all resident units, outdoor common areas and pool.

  • Fast user roaming as residents move throughout the property, with no re-connection necessary.

  • Intelligent frequency coordination to mitigate self and outside interference.



WiFi Calling Infrastructure:


WiFi Calling is now supported with our Property-Wide WiFi solutions.



  • If your site doesn’t get consistent cell coverage, a cost-effective solution is WiFi calling. It provides seamless, carrier-quality cell phone service throughout all units via Voice over IP (VOIP).

  • Did you know? This feature alone is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that you would pay on the open market for similar services like DAS (distributed antenna system).

Intelligent Network Controller


Manages the user authentication, device grouping/networking (per-unit/account basis).



  • Dynamic private networks for each resident to ensure their privacy and security.

  • Dynamic bandwidth control, to give each user a “fair share” of available bandwidth.

  • Optional content filtering for additional customer security.


Remote Monitoring & Management:


Fiber Stream's advanced remote monitoring solutions and remote network management.



  • Proactively spots potential problems so our technicians can detect and resolve network issues before they cause resident complaints.

Resident/End-User 24/7 Support:


Resident support is absolutely critical to a successful solution. 



  • Keeps any Internet issues off your desk.

  • We can identify network issues vs. a problem with the end user device, allowing us to. troubleshoot with residents more effectively.

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