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Engineering & Design Services

Our professionals can provide you with an expertly designed wireless network that will future proof any property. 

  • Fiber Integration

  • Property Wide WiFi

  • 10 Gigabit InternetWiring

  • 5 GHz pre-wired WiFi design.

Fiber Fast Gigabit Internet



Chances are Fiber Optics Have Passed You by…  Are You Hooked Up Yet?

100% resident funded fiber integration is now available for apartment owners nationwide. Register now to connect your property to the fiber grid.

Business Class WiFi
& Internet


Imagine a completely managed network from the data center to your business; deployed facility wide. Enterprise level security and management with none of the IT costs; it's like having your own "Personal Network Operator".


WiFi Calling


Does your facility or property have poor cell phone coverage? 

WiFi calling is a seamless, cost-effective solution providing carrier-quality cell service via voice over IP (VOIP). Property-Wide WiFi enables your residents to make WiFi based phone calls directly from their cell phones or other compatible devices.


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Developers and Builders


You NOW have a choice…

When it comes to choosing the best telecommunications services available in your area, for your project, you are no longer limited to the status quo. Here is what consumer reports say about Big Box Cable “…TV and Internet service providers are amongst the most hated in the United States.”

Introducing “Private Label” Internet by Fiber Stream - Guaranteed quality of service you can actually profit from.

We provide fiber Internet infrastructure services for all types’ of new construction and most retrofits?

Revenue Generating

TV Services

It’s NOW possible to add Fiber Stream IPTV and Fiber Stream Internet into one great double offering for your residents. Give them everything they want; fast, reliable Internet and the best TV programming in the industry. Property owners can generate more than $50 dollars a door per month in ancillary income from the two services. NOW that’s synergy!

Questions? We're here for you!

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