Where to Find A Full Service - Internet Provider?

To often you hear in life “My Internet is slow” or “My ISP (Internet Service Provider) sucks” or “My Internet doesn’t work at peak hours”… Most people want a better internet experience but are stuck with limited options. Too many people are under served and experience inferior connections. A growing solution has been to provide a “Full Service Internet” experience customized to the venue. “Full Service Internet” means from the data center to your Access Point, your internet “Just Works”. Most ISP’s do not offer management of the bandwidth throughout the wireless portions of the internet and fail to offer management of the entire network as a whole. Additionally, many venues do not offer W

Best Senior Internet Providers

This is an actual letter to the CEO of a Senior Living Company; for amenity purposes some of the names and facts have been changed. Dear Mr. Stern, My name is Anthony with Fiber Stream and we have been working closely with Robert Jones to offer an affordable, enterprise class WiFi solution for all of your residents, staff and health professionals at “The Springs Senior Living”. The industry can no longer ignore the importance of WiFi access in the Senior Living space, not just for staff and medical professionals but also for the residents. The ability to connect "all things Internet" within the entire facility (I.E. grid sensors, medical equipment, medical record keeping, security, perso

How Do You Get a Return on Investment from Bulk Internet?

Big box cable companies are making a fortune selling Internet services to your residents. It’s now possible to transform the nature of Internet services so that Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU’s) properties can actually earn ancillary revenue from their residents. Why shouldn’t you benefit from all of the Internet users (residents) that you’ve worked so hard to attract and retain? PNO’s are more than just Internet Service Providers (ISP’), they are your personal end-to-end “Private Network Operator”. This means they not only provide internet connectivity, but also, install, manage and support the internal network. The delivery of the Internet service is usually provided through WiFi but can also be

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