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How to Set Up Multifamily WiFi Internet Service—That Works

By Team Fiber Stream

One of the biggest trends in amenities in 2015-2016 is property-wide WiFi services. Multifamily properties do well to provide the technology amenities that residents—especially the growing Millennial segment—demand. High-speed, reliable internet service has proven to increase both attraction and retention, and provides a new source of revenue.

But unfortunately, providing effective property-wide Internet (i.e., MDU, community or campus-style Internet) isn’t as simple as just setting up a router for a “hotspot” like the type found at your corner coffee shop, library, business center or poolside. These dynamic networks need a high level of expertise and synergy to function. It takes the right design, equipment, support and management of the network to handle hundreds of residential devices simultaneously. You want to make sure you have the right Internet provider, the proper equipment, dedicated bandwidth and excellent end-user support.

In the past, investing in these types of expensive managed internet networks were limited to enterprises, universities, banks and high-end facilities that had the resources to hire an MSP (Managed Service Provider) and pay for the up-front installation costs. Setting up reliable property-wide “anywhere” access requires a very precise skill set. Even with the help of an IT department, many organizations have failed to implement the right design, equipment and management of these sophisticated systems. The end result is often wasted money and decreased resident loyalty.

However things have changed; niche focused multifamily MSP's are now offering new service models. They are taking advantage of dropping prices on highly sophisticated and feature-rich equipment, developing in house proprietary management and policy software, and implementing expert engineering and design. As a result, enterprise-quality, affordable property-wide WiFi solutions catered to multifamily properties are now available to all property owners.

Four Keys to Success

To ensure reliable property-wide high-speed access for your residents, focus on the following key factors. Missing even one will almost inevitably lead to a failed deployment; successful solutions encompass all four:

1. Look for an end-to-end solution provider, not a patchwork of vendors