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Common WiFi & Internet Challenges for Apartment Owners

Multi Family investors, property owners and developers now have a choice when it comes to Internet providers for their properties and developments. “Full Service Internet Providers” (FISP) & Managed Service Providers (MSP); specializing in Fiber and WiFi integration for Multi-Tenant properties are emerging into the market place. These new companies are offering services such as Fiber to the Home/unit (FTTH), “Property-Wide WiFi” (PWW), “WiFi as a Service” (WAAS), Gigabit Services and Building Wide “WiFi Calling” capabilities.

Even older properties that were not designed with today's Internet needs in mind, can take advantage of these new cutting-edge Internet services. Further, with any planned renovations, Multi Family property owners are in a unique position to use their allocated funds to also provide futuristic telecommunications services to their residents during the remodel; capitalizing on their valuable “Internet Real Estate” and turning an expense into a “Revenue Generating Internet Amenity”.

"Many owners are missing out on a great opportunity to showcase what the future looks like to the

rest of the Multi-Family industry; while adding a new source of revenue, improving resident satisfaction and modernizing the Internet infrastructure ," Says Anthony Jason CEO and Founder at Fiber Stream, a national FISP that specializes in fiber and WiFi integration.

There are three unique opportunities to consider when looking at a building-wide Internet system:

1st: To provide cutting-edge Internet services to the residents; increasing satisfaction, loyalty and retention

2nd: To “Future Proof” the Internet/data wiring infrastructure of the building

3rd: To capitalize on per-door ancillary revenue & increase overall property value instantly from increased profits

This can all be achieved by implementing the right business strategy. Further it is possible to have a “pay-for-it-self”, 100% resident funded Internet system that will