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Where to Find A Full Service - Internet Provider?

To often you hear in life “My Internet is slow” or “My ISP (Internet Service Provider) sucks” or “My Internet doesn’t work at peak hours”… Most people want a better internet experience but are stuck with limited options. Too many people are under served and experience inferior connections.

A growing solution has been to provide a “Full Service Internet” experience customized to the venue. “Full Service Internet” means from the data center to your Access Point, your internet “Just Works”. Most ISP’s do not offer management of the bandwidth throughout the wireless portions of the internet and fail to offer management of the entire network as a whole.

Additionally, many venues do not offer WiFi at all. For example the majority of Gyms and Apartments have yet to deploy WiFi systems. Leaving the consumers/residents to provide for themselves, BYOI (Bring Your Own Internet) concept. The problem, NOW has an easy solution; hire an MSP (Managed Service Provider) who is also an ISP, thus combining reliable bandwidth with IT networking expertise (management). Specialized ISP's are popping up around the country under various titles, some are called PNO's (Personal Network Operators) others just call themselves MSP's. The industry has yet to formalize or standardize this distinction. Perhaps on day we will call them "Full Service Internet Providers" (FSIP's); from the data center to your router/AP.

Owners of any venue, facility or property NOW can white label Internet services that are fully maintain and operated by a FSIP to offer low cost or “free” WiFi and or Internet service via subscription. Alternatively, they could offer these services by bundling the small monthly cost into the consumer’s monthly payments. Fiber Stream, a Phoenix based Company already has flagship services that fulfill on the FSIP concept. The company has set itself apart from the competition, by offering the market; inexpensive, convenient, managed, secure, high bandwidth connections on an individual basics that mesh well with consumer needs and concerns.

The availability of enterprise level; high-tech access points and management systems, paralleled with a high demand for superior Internet quality and a limited number of “Full Service” Internet Service Providers” has created the perfect storm for a Company like Fiber Stream to make a substantial mark in these untapped areas.

In this day and age most consumers have a variety of devices with WiFi capabilities. Some consumers actually forego a home connection relying solely on wireless smart phones and mobile devices. Fiber Stream brings the idea of a “semi-mobile” “Full Service Internet” capabilities to customers by allowing a wireless connection at home, in the gym and at work; seamless WiFi roaming is now possible in and around the common areas at those venues.

Consumers really do demand easy access, high bandwidth services that mesh well with their busy, transient lifestyles and to make this demand even more compounded consumers have been “Cutting The Cable Cords” while still taking advantage of the plethora of online content including; Netflix, Hula and amazon prime. Demands for this streaming data are growing at a rapid pace; so much so that wireless cell providers are concerned with staying ahead of the demand in the coming years. This scenario leaves the consumer demanding exponential amounts of data on regular basics with inferior resources to fulfill on it. The name of the Internet game has become bandwidth, bandwidth, and bandwidth! Fiber Stream brings large amounts of safe, managed bandwidth to the consumer the way they want it… wireless and fast!

Contact Us for More Information at 888-644-WiFi / 888-644-9434 or


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