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How Do You Get a Return on Investment from Bulk Internet?

Big box cable companies are making a fortune selling Internet services to your residents. It’s now possible to transform the nature of Internet services so that Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU’s) properties can actually earn ancillary revenue from their residents. Why shouldn’t you benefit from all of the Internet users (residents) that you’ve worked so hard to attract and retain?

PNO’s are more than just Internet Service Providers (ISP’), they are your personal end-to-end “Private Network Operator”. This means they not only provide internet connectivity, but also, install, manage and support the internal network. The delivery of the Internet service is usually provided through WiFi but can also be offered as a wired connection or both.

Private Network Operators are changing the game. Many offer flexible installation plans; invest as little or as much as you like. Leverage your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) and never pay a penny out of pocket or pay for the install up front and maximize profits over the long haul!

With this synergistic approach, your residents get faster, more efficient, affordable, and trouble-free high-bandwidth (high speed) wireless Internet service. Meanwhile, you can count on a continuing new income stream.

They engineer it, install it and maintain it. As a result, you’ll easily step up your communications amenities to world-class levels for a minimal investment, begin recouping your installation expenses every month, and at the same time watch your property value rise.

You can charge each unit for Internet services $40 - $50 per month—far less than the residents would pay to a cable or Internet company to receive individual services. Residents benefit from your “wholesale” pricing and you benefit from the additional revenue stream.

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