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Ready WiFi

We provide futuristic Internet services in bulk for Apartments, Multi-Family Properties, Communities (HOA's) and Businesses; servicing customers across the continental U.S.
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Innovate your Property with our "Enter-Net-Income" solution, which allows you to earn over 25% ROI while increasing occupancy, retention and property value. 

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Are you ready for next generation Internet?

"Fiber Stream" offers advanced technology, responsiveness that will amaze and delight your residents, ease of set-up and use, lower prices for residents and greater PROFITABILITY FOR YOU.
Our Internet services…
Set You Apart

Your attraction and retention rates go up by offering "Property-Wide WiFi", the most desired amenity of the 21st century

Perform Hassle Free

An enterprise level, proactively managed system means that technical issues are discovered by our 24/7 support team before residents ever notice them

Create New Income

With our unique revenue-generating model, giving your residents "Property-Wide WiFi" actually creates profit as you leverage your “Internet real estate” to earn new income of $20-30 per door

Leave Your Residents Smiling!

They will be delighted with the ease and reliability of always-on connectivity, fast speeds, and 24/7 customer support.  And when residents are happy, you’re happy!

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What your residents will experience:


Property-Wide roaming, printing, and streaming


Blazing Speeds

Up to 10 Gig - Fiber Stream delivered Internet



99.9% network uptime



Enterprise-level wireless equipment - 802.11AC dual-band


Immediate Access

Move-in, log in and go — no waiting for installation

Technical & Customer Support

Preemptive monitoring & response, 24/7 U.S.-based customer support


Iron Clad Security

Enterprise security protocols with private access for each account


Net Superiority

Constant HD video streaming, WiFi calling & video chat



Connect all devices, (e.g smart T.V, wireless printer or gaming console) 


Simple Connectivity

Complete network management with easy device connection

Questions? Need Help? Want to learn more? We're here for you!

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